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Create new event

  1. Open the page "Event/new"
  2. Enter a unique title of the event page (e.g. "TC conference call - 30. July 2015")
    New Event.png
  3. Click "Create or edit event"
    • If the page does'nt exist, it will be created
    • if the page already exists without an existing event entry, the event will be added to the page
    • if the page already exists with an existing event entry, you will be able to edit the event
  4. Fill out the information in the event form (see full example in the screenshot below)
    • The field "title" is a short (!) title for the event and does not need to be the same with the page title entered before
      • Note: the event title should be short in order to have preserve a neat overview in the calendar view
    • The fields "Date start" and "Date end" hold the dates of an event
      • If the event is a multi-day event the calendar will contain both, a marker for the start and the end of the event, linking to same page (see screenshot)
        Multi day event.png
      • If the event is a single-day event you should leave the "Date end" empty in order avoid two entries for the same event in the calendar (see screenshot)
        Single day event.png
    • The field "decription" is dedicated to briefly describe the event itself
    • The field "free text" is the usual wiki page, which could contain the agenda, minutes, links etc.
      New event form.png

Edit an event

  • If you want to edit the page and event later, just open the page as usual.
    • If an event exits on this page the menu will contain a new button "Edit with form", which links you to the above mentioned event form.
    • If there is no event created on this page, you need to open the page "Event/new" and enter the exact title of your page (see chapter "Create new event")

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